According to leading experts, 71 percent of American men, and 38 percent of women are addicted to Internet pornography. The definition of 'addicted' is that an activity interferes with work or relationships. Porn sites get more visitors than Amazon, eBay and YouTube combined.

According to a scientific study conducted in England, 70 percent of the dust in your home is discarded skin cells.

Some of the chimpanzees that have been taught sign language are starting to have conversations among themselves.

In 1968 Liechtenstein held a vote to determine whether women should be allowed to vote. Women were allowed to participate only in this vote, because until then women were not allowed to vote. The result of the vote was that women were not allowed to vote.

Fun Trivia About Education and Growing Up

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What's Wrong
With the Law of Attraction
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In the 1700's some people had tooth transplants, consisting of donors' teeth jammed into sockets in their own jaws. Your author assumes that didn't usually work out as well as hoped. Later, Waterloo teeth, extracted from dead soldiers after the battle of Waterloo in 1815, were made into dentures.
85 Interesting and Unusual Ways to Make Money

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"Yesterday is HISTORY, Tomorrow a MYSTERY and TODAY is a GIFT; that's why they call it the PRESENT." - Eleanor Roosevelt

The average life of an indoor cat is 17 years. The average life of a cat that lives outdoors is 2 years.
US President James Garfield could do a neat trick: He could write Greek with one hand while at the same time writing Latin with his other hand.
You taste with your tongue, but a fly tastes with its feet.

Everyone Can Be a Millionaire

US President Richard Nixon's very first case as a lawyer, representing a client in court trying to recover a bad debt, he lost. He was then sued by the client for inept handling of her case.

President Nixon was known to his fellow college students as "Iron Butt."

If everyone quit drinking alcoholic beverages, twenty million starving people could be fed on the grain saved.
Worst Vote:
In 1968 Liechtenstein held a vote to determine whether women should be allowed to vote. Women were allowed to participate only in this vote, because until then women were not allowed to vote, and the result of the vote was that women were not allowed to vote.
Ketchup was originally made from fish broth and mushrooms. Tomatoes were added later. Today, ketchup must legally contain sugar, otherwise it has to be called imitation ketchup.

For the first 19 years Crayola Crayons were produced, they came in only one color - black.
Try saying the alphabet without moving your lips or tongue. Every letter will sound the same.

Worst Paragraph

These instructions were found in a manual about a computer programming language. Perhaps because of wording like this there are not more programmers than there are:

Look at the first compare of the second group of compare statements. The expression "r != s" will evaluate as a "true" since "r" was set to 0.0 above, so the result will be a non-zero value, probably 1. Even though the two variables that are compared are "float" variables, the result will be of type "integer." There is no explicit variable to which it will be assigned so the result of the compare is an implied integer. Finally the resulting number, 1 in this case, is assigned to the integer variable "x". If double equal signs were used, the phantom value, namely 1, would be compared to the value of "x", but since the single equal sign is used, the value 1 is simply assigned to "x", as though the statement were not in parentheses.

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A. S. Neill
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Super-Huge Molecules

"Drunk Father" by George Bellows

According to the "Guiness Book of World Records," there are as many as 2,241 synonyms for the state of being "drunk." How many can you list?

Forklift Fails

Weirdest Music Video Ever!

You won't believe what this cat does after unrolling toilet paper!

5 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Typing Speed

Americans eat spaghetti at a rate of 3,156 miles per hour (5,079 kph), roughly Mach 4 - four times the speed of sound.

If you cut the head off a cockroach, it can continue to live for several more weeks.

100 Year Old Twins
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Controversial exercises to improve your eyesight without glasses, contacts or lasik.

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Bad Ideas, Big Mistakes.

World's Worst Food - By Far!
Walking Cheese

Find out why this is so bad.
(It's worse than you think!)

12 Unique Ways to Make Money with Secondhand Clothing

World's Worst Flower

The world's largest flower is also the worst smelling flower. Rafflesia Arnoldii is often over 3 feet wide and its petals are almost an inch thick. You wouldn't want it in your garden, however, because it smells like a rotting animal. The flower is attempting to attract flies for pollination.

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"History is a race between education and catastrophe." - H.G. Wells
The two most common things in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity. - Harlan Ellison, science fiction author

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Inuit Throat Singing
There was once a little bicycle shop, ordinary in every way, except for the people associated with it. Brian the owner, the employees, and many of the customers were the most interesting and eccentric people I have ever met. That's what this book is about. I have changed the location and the names to protect those involved. Everything else is true, exactly as it happened. The bike shop lasted five years before it came to a strange end. Here's the full, free ebook. Welcome to the story of the shop and it's people.

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